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A diary of a 13 day national history adventure and 10 day cruise aboard The Andando in the Galapagos Islands, Ecuador.
June 17 - 27, 2001

June 17 (Sunday) Quito, Ecuador
June 18 (Monday) Baltra Island (South Seymour) and North Seymour
June 19 (Tuesday) Tower Island (Genovesa)
June 20 (Wednesday) South Plaza Island; Santa Cruz Island (Indefatigable)
June 21 (Thursday) Santa Cruz Highlands and Santa Fe Island (Barrington)
June 22 (Friday) Espanola Island (Hood)
June 23 (Saturday) Floreana Island (Charles)
June 24 (Sunday) Isabela Island (Albemarle) - Punta Morena
June 25 (Monday) Isabela Island - Bahia Urbina and Fernandino Island (Narlborough)
June 26 (Tuesday) Santaigo Island (James)
June 27 (Wednesday) Santa Cruz Island, Baltra Island and Quito

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